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Cleanse Your S*P*A*C*E | Lifestyle Medicine Series with Dr. Gordon, ND

Cleanse Your S*P*A*C*E | Lifestyle Medicine Series with Dr. Gordon, ND


In this workshop, you’ll discover areas in your life you may have never realized negatively affected your health. You will learn how to recognize these areas and begin to shift or replace them to support your mind, body and spirit in health and happiness. Dr. Gordon will share highlights from her comprehensive Cleanse Your S*P*A*C*E program, bringing light to the main pillars of your SPACE: Sanctuary, Products, Air, Chemicals, and Energy. Participants will also receive her guidebook with practical tools, favorite products, and lifestyle recommendations to create the healthiest environment you can for you and your family.

This workshop is for women who want to learn how to have homes and lifestyles that are truly a sanctuary for their families, fostering health rather than imbalance and disease.

Dr. Gordon’s Bio:

 Dr. Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and founder of Tribe Medicine--an integrative and holistically-minded medical practice partnering with two locations in San Diego: Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla and Indigo Dragon Center in Encinitas, CA.

She offers a unique and personalized approach to her client’s health, utilizing in-depth specialized medical testing and comprehensive intakes to uncover the root causes of suffering. Her own healing journey, paired with her rigorous medical training, has made her an expert in understanding the obstacles to healing in the areas of hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal conditions, gut health, anxiety and depression, and preconception and fertility care. Dr. Gordon is especially passionate about teaching and empowering our TRIBE of women to live healthier lives for the health of themselves, their children and future children, their communities, and our planet.

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