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Breast Cancer Art Fundraiser

ART4LIFE will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2017 from 6pm – 9pm at Mint Studio located at 5965 Village Way, Suite E105, San Diego, CA 92130

We would be honored if you donated your artwork to ART4LIFE. The ART4LIFE benefit will raise funds that will go directly to health and travel expenses for Serenity Kisling. ART4LIFE will be an open bid auction. We will have artwork, photography, handmade jewelry as well as other items that have been donated for auction.
Serenity Kisling was first diagnosed in 2008 with breast cancer. Not wanting to take any chances of a recurrence, she underwent a radical bilateral mastectomy and grueling rounds of chemo which made her extremely sick. She was so close to death that she was hospitalized. But she was a fighter and thus earned the nickname “G.I. Jane“. She has a life to live. She has someone to live for, her son Shade. In August of 2009, sitting in her oncologist’s office, Serenity got the long awaited news that we had been hoping for, that magic word “REMISSION”.
Unfortunately, on November 12, 2011, Serenity’s breast cancer was back, this time in her bones, right lung, left thyroid and ovaries. She again fought for her life with STAGE IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. Thanks to the success of ART4LIFE on March 23, 2012 she was treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. The best facility nationwide, some say worldwide. MD Anderson Cancer Center and the amazing team of doctors there saved her life. However, the expenses for her care and travels to and from Texas are astronomical and this is why we are holding the 2017 ART4LIFE benefit.
We would be honored and very appreciative if you would donate to ART4LIFE. Please contact Tracy at

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