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Back-to-School Braid Bar with Lauren Mills

Learn the best Back-to-School braids and hairstyles with special guest Lauren Mills! Lauren will focus on teaching 4 types of braids: waterfall, dutch, headband and heart braids! This event is great for mother/daughter dates!


Mint Studio is excited to welcome our special guest, Lauren Mills who is a local 5th grader at Solana Pacific! Her creativity and talent is truly amazing-especially for such a young girl! Mint Studio is happy to support and encourage Lauren in her new adventure of starting her own company, "Knock Knock, Whose There"--a mobile braid service! You can hire her to come to your house and pick from multiple styles of braids for your special event, dance, party or just because!


Please register in advance at Tickets are $10 per person and all proceeds go to support this creative local junior entrepenuer! Congrats Lauren!!