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Watercolor Succulents | Rebecca Eichten

Calling all succulent and cacti lovers! San Diego artist, Rebecca Eichten, will be sharing her tips and tricks on how she captures the essence and beauty of the succulents she paints, bringing them to life with watercolor!

This two hour workshop is a perfect fit for beginning watercolor artists or for those who are looking to learn some new skills in painting succulents. This step-by-step class will take you through creating the basic sketch, painting techniques--layering, shading, wet-in-wet-- to a finished painting of a succulent, ready to be framed!

 -basic sketching of succulents

-watercolor techniques and color mixing

-8x10 finished watercolor painting

 All materials are provided, plus refreshments!

 About Rebecca:

Rebecca Eichten's love for succulents, cacti, and indigenous Southern California plant life is more than skin deep. She grew up in sunny San Diego and began tending and propagating her family's indoor and outdoor plant life at a young age.  

Over the last three years Rebecca's art, photography, and floral design have focused on various uses and representation of cacti & succulents. Her succulent arrangements and mounted plants, biological renderings, and care & propagation photos have become a staple of her freelance work. Her photography captures the profound natural beauty of her Southwestern surroundings. She draws inspiration from her adventures where she hunts natural pattern and color in landscapes and nature.

Rebecca Eichten is a photographer, artist, designer, merchandiser, and woodworker based in San Diego, California.

 Follow along with her on Instagram @rebeccaeichten or shop her art