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Summer Reading Program | Grade 4th-6th | Rocky Road

Join us for our summer reading program!  Read a chapter from the book Rocky Road by Rose Kent.  Be inspired with this series and meet friends this summer that enjoy reading and getting together to do crafts!  Age | 4th-8th grade

Summary of the book:
Ice cream warms the heart, no matter what the weather. That's the Dobson family motto. Whenever things get tough, they break out the special heart-shaped bowls and make sundaes. The road has been especially rocky lately for Tess and her deaf little brother, Jordan. Their plucky Texan mother talks big, but her get-rich-quick business schemes have only landed them in serious financial hot water. Ma's newest idea is drastic. She abruptly moves the family to snowy Schenectady, New York, where she will use the last of their savings to open her dream business: an ice cream shop. (Too bad the only place she could find an apartment is in a senior citizens' complex.) Tess wants to be excited about this plan, but life in Schenectady is full of new worries. Who will buy ice cream in their shop's run-down neighborhood? What will happen when their money runs out? Worst of all is Ma herself-she's famous for her boundless energy and grandiose ideas, but only Tess and Jordan know about the dark days when she crashes and can't get out of bed. And Tess can't seem to find the right words to talk to Ma about it. 

This moving story of family, community, and ice cream proves that with a little help from the people around us, life really can be sweet-and a little nutty-just like Rocky Road. 

Class will end with insightful questions to the students, thank you note project + treat.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Is anyone perfect? (Answer: No. Everyone has problems in some way or another and we all are just learning how to live life the best way we can.)
Can you count on your friends as a source of hope when things are down? (Add that friends who make you happy and don't bring you down are the type of friends that are the best to have.)

Students will make a thank you card for someone they rely on for happiness and hope in their life. (Include markers, colored pencils, crayons, and stickers.)

Summer Reading Program | Rocky Road
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