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Mandarin Summer Camp with Bilingual Kids

Every Tuesday Starting 6/20 thru 7/25. Theme changes every week. Join us in the studio for an interactive course in Mandarin. 

Tuesdays 2pm-4pm  Age: 5yrs-12yrs

Bilingual Kids Foreign Language Enrichment Program gives children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at the developmental periods in their lives when language is most effortlessly acquired. Research shows that from birth to approximately 12 years of age, there is a great deal of neurogenesis, or “pathway development,” taking place in a child’s brain. When a child is exposed to the sounds of a second language, the brain will grow connections that make a new language easier to learn.

The program is dedicated to ensure that each and every child learns a foreign language from a native language teacher in a fun and engaging environment incorporating visuals, gestures, music, body movements, games, literature, and crafts!


June 19th-23: Music

June 26th-30th: Gardening

 July 3rd-7th: Reading and Writing

 July 10th-14th: Cooking

 July 17th-21st: Dance

 July 24th-28th: Science

 July/August 31st-4th: Art