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NDA Fieldtrip

Title: Super Solar System | Pre-school 

Space Science - Planet proportions and construction using dough. The students will experience hands on sensory art using dough to compare size of planets.  Dr. Nichholas Galitzki,  UCSD Post-Doctoral Scholar in Astrophysics from UCSD will join us to teach us about our planets.

-Students will construct their own rockets and learn about space shuttles.

-If time allows students examine recycled rocket costumes for space exploration.

About the Speaker:  Dr. Nicholas Galitzki began his astronomy career at the California Institute of Technology where he earned his B.S. in astrophysics in 2008.  While at Caltech he was involved in two research projects, one with a lunar seismometer developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories and another working with a weather monitoring station for the proposed Caltech Cornell Atacama Telescope.  After Caltech, Nicholas took a break for a couple years which included a stint as a line cook at an Italian restaurant in Boulder, CO and time as a K-9 teacher in Seoul, South Korea.  After these adventures he continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania where we earned his doctorate in astrophysics in 2016.  While at UPenn, his research concentrated on the development and launch of a balloon borne telescope from Antarctica and the subsequent analysis of the data from the mission that has revealed new details about the star formation process in our Milky Way.  He has now joined the cosmology group at UC, San Diego on a project that aims to build the next generation of telescopes that will examine in unprecedented detail the polarized signal from the cosmic microwave background.

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